Anxiety and addiction

Living Mindfully: Addiction and Anxiety

As we’ve discussed throughout this series, addiction magnifies mental health disorders. Substance abuse escalates a person’s pre-existing thoughts and emotions. If someone is already predisposed to a mental health disorder, addiction may cause the symptoms of that disorder to feel even more dismal or severe. While depression makes someone feel lethargic, anxiety makes someone feel […]

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How denial impacts addiction

How Denial Impacts Addiction

Before an addict reaches acceptance, they may react in denial when confronted about their substance abuse. When someone reacts in denial, they are using a defense mechanism to help them cope with the reality of a situation. In the case of addiction, an addict may be fiercely certain that their habit is manageable, and they […]

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Depression and Addiction

Living Mindfully: Addiction and Depression

When we work with recovering addicts, we emphasize the importance of creating a new lifestyle where it’s easier to not use drugs and alcohol rather than to keep using. Creating a new lifestyle means more than eliminating substances. Working toward a sober lifestyle requires a holistic approach, assessing all the factors in someone’s environment that […]

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