The Walker Center provides help, hope and healing
essential for recovery.

As Idaho’s premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment center since 1976 and one of the leading treatment centers in the northwest, the Walker Center has helped thousands find their way back to family, friends, loved ones and jobs. As a not-for-profit facility, Walker Center provides high-quality, evidence-based treatment services at an affordable price.


Residential Treatment

We treat drug and alcohol addiction as a disease. Residential treatment at the Walker Center is for adults, 18 and older. We help clients get a clear and realistic picture of how addiction has impacted their lives and the lives of those around them and then we give them the tools to make positive choices that lead to recovery.

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Outpatient Treatment

The Walker Center offers a  wide-array of services for adults, adolescents and their families available in our Twin Falls, Idaho location. Outpatient treatment provides clients with the tools to structure a substance abuse free lifestyle, while giving them the support to maintain their abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

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    Recognizing the Wake-Up Calls

    When people refer to wake-up calls, those events typically mark the culmination of a negative behavior developing over time. Maybe that behavior stemmed from a poor attitude, a shortcut in a process, or a bad habit. Sometimes we reconcile with those wake-up calls as being the result of taking something for granted or running a […]

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“I will be celebrating three years of being clean and sober… I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience treatment at Walker and I am eternally grateful.” Sherry