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The surgeon general announces that marijuana does, in fact, have an affect on brain development

How much do we know about marijuana and the effects that are caused in the brain? Bonus: the surgeon general’s statement Are we aware of the affects of marijuana? Let’s start with how it is composed. Marijuana refers to dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds of the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant, a plant […]

Getting Back to Work After Treatment

Substance abuse can be destructive in all aspects of life. We commonly see those painful outcomes through health complications, estranged family members, broken marriages/relationships, and financial distress. While each of those situations is unraveling, addicts often experience instability in their jobs. As someone starts their recovery journey and begins setting goals, finding employment may be […]

Treating Addiction as a Disease

For many years, addiction was seen as a moral failing. Addicts were too often dismissed by society as demonstrating weakness or foolishness—as if they were losing in a battle of willpower. But as we learn more about substance use disorders, research suggests that addiction is much more complex than its historical perception. With a renewed […]