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Treating Addiction as a Disease

For many years, addiction was seen as a moral failing. Addicts were too often dismissed by society as demonstrating weakness or foolishness—as if they were losing in a battle of willpower. But as we learn more about substance use disorders, research suggests that addiction is much more complex than its historical perception. With a renewed […]

Loneliness and Addiction

As we know from numerous studies, mental health is strongly connected to physical health. Recent studies on loneliness have searched for a deeper understanding of this phenomenon through the lens of social connections and interactions, finding that strong connections with others are beneficial to one’s health. Conversely, the absence of those connections can have damaging […]

Your Personal Independence Day

Summer is a time of celebrations, and for a recovering addict that can become a slippery slope. Living an addict’s life means being a slave to powerful and destructive forces. But, the day you break the bonds of your addiction is when you achieve your own personal Independence Day. It’s said that you don’t cut […]