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The surgeon general announces that marijuana does, in fact, have an affect on brain development

How much do we know about marijuana and the effects that are caused in the brain? Bonus: the surgeon general’s statement Are we aware of the affects of marijuana? Let’s start with how it is composed. Marijuana refers to dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds of the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant, a plant […]

August 24: Alumni Celebration

We will be celebrating 43 years in business by inviting all of our alumni, friends and family, to celebrate with us here at The Walker Center. Event details: – Saturday, August 24th – 11-5 pm. – Events include: speakers, learning sessions, music, prizes, and lunch – #SoberStory booth The optional #SoberStory booth is a place […]

Explaining Addiction to Children

Substance abuse problems affect millions of households. In the United States, one in four children is exposed to alcohol abuse or dependence within their family. Talking to a child about a parent’s addiction can be heart-wrenching and complicated—especially when the child seems too young to grapple with addiction.   How can you help a child […]