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The First 30 Days of Outpatient Treatment

Considering treatment for addiction can sometimes be an overwhelming prospect. Treatment at The Walker Center begins with addressing the core issue that addiction is not a moral problem – addiction is a disease. Depending on your situation, Outpatient Treatment may be the best option and can be accomplished in several ways. Outpatient therapy involves one-on-one […]

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The 12 Step Process – Why This Program Works

The 12 Step Program Principles are founded in a long history of “Things That Do Work” and are strongly suggested to be implemented in conjunction with outpatient treatment groups and inpatient treatment at the Walker Center. We view the 12 Steps as an important cornerstone on the path to recovery because it is an effective […]

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Addiction as a Medical Illness – Part 2

We’re sitting down with Carmalin Resz and Dr. Reid Lofgran again, to discuss important questions about treating addiction as a medical illness. Many questions we receive touch on overcoming addiction, or issues with relapse and recovery. Here, Carmalin Resz MS, ICADC and Addictionologist Dr. Lofgran discuss the medical science behind both: How does the brain […]

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