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Celebrating 4th of July safely

Celebrating Safely: Making Better Traditions

Holidays are ideally times of celebration with family and friends, but they can also mark anniversaries of painful events, trauma, or other conflict. Perhaps in previous holidays you took advantage of the opportunity to party and let loose with other people, resulting in binge drinking or other substance abuse. Maybe holidays bring up sore subjects […]

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Faces of addiction

The Faces of Addiction

Addiction is a lifelong disease that transcends all barriers of class or economics. Nearly 21 million people in the United States struggle with a substance addiction. While so many battle a harmful substance dependence, too few get the help they need to break free from that dependence. The following infographic breaks down the demographics of […]

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Healthy lifestyle

5 Ways to Maintain a Continuously Healthy Lifestyle

When someone is going through a residential treatment program, their day is packed with classes, counseling sessions, and group activities. Their full schedule keeps them centered and focused. Once that person is discharged from treatment, they face the challenge of staying sober in a less structured or controlled environment. For many people, those first weeks […]

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