Repairing Relationships

How to Repair Relationships Hurt by Addiction

When someone begins recovering from addiction, we are inspired when we see them feeling renewed and encouraged about their new life ahead. After confronting the personal pain of an addiction, completing a treatment program should be celebrated. However, people often face reality when they realize how the severity of their addiction hurt people they love. […]

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Thought Stoppers

Using Thought Stoppers to Manage Relapse Triggers

As a recovering addict, you will always face obstacles that challenge your sobriety. Addiction is a chronic disease, meaning addicts face lifelong challenges on their journeys through recovery. While you can usually choose which environments you enter, you will inevitably face relapse triggers in everyday life. Even if you intentionally avoid tempting situations, you may […]

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Relapse Triggers

How to Cope with Relapse Triggers

One of the most helpful tools for staying sober is to recognize and manage the triggers that lead to relapse. Relapse triggers are defined as points of vulnerability that increase the likelihood of engaging in substance-related behavior. Triggers create environments where people are tempted or subjected to go back to using, and those triggers can be […]

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