Wake-up calls

Recognizing the Wake-Up Calls

When people refer to wake-up calls, those events typically mark the culmination of a negative behavior developing over time. Maybe that behavior stemmed from a poor attitude, a shortcut in a process, or a bad habit. Sometimes we reconcile with those wake-up calls as being the result of taking something for granted or running a […]

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The causes of addiction

Understanding the Causes of Addiction

Over the past decade, health research has made significant progress to correct former misconceptions about addiction. Historically, addiction was viewed as the outcome of moral failing or weakness. Today we recognize addiction as a chronic, relapsing disease, and continued research is exploring the factors that may cause addictions to form. Addiction doesn’t discriminate by class, […]

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Selective memory

Battling Selective Memory in Addiction

The trouble of selective memory can be aggravating for the family of an addict. Convincing someone of something they can’t remember feels like a frustrating cycle of confrontation and disbelief—especially when those actions seem wildly out of character. Without clear recollection of the ugly events, an addict will naturally struggle to believe or see the […]

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