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The surgeon general announces that marijuana does, in fact, have an affect on brain development

How much do we know about marijuana and the effects that are caused in the brain? Bonus: the surgeon general’s statement Are we aware of the affects of marijuana? Let’s start with how it is composed. Marijuana refers to dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds of the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant, a plant […]

Sober Story Highlights: National Recovery Month 2019

National Recovery Month 2019 National Recovery Month was created 30 years ago in order to raise awareness about recovery. People speak about the gains made by those in recovery and share their success stories with their neighbors, friends, and colleagues. In doing so, everyone helps to increase awareness and furthers a greater understanding about the […]

What to Expect During Al-Anon in Idaho

What is Al-Anon? AA is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholic/chemically dependent people whose drinking and/or using is causing problems and who hope to solve their common problems by increasing their knowledge and understanding of themselves, the problems of the drinker/user and the disease of Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency. Do Al-Anon Meetings Result in Gossip […]