The Unexpected Costs of Addiction

When people debate whether they should enter addiction treatment, the subject often brings up a conversation about money. While treatment presents certain costs, the tradeoffs of getting help vs. not getting help are almost always miscalculated. The cost of treatment might seem like money you don’t have, but can you really afford to keep using?

Addictions are cumulative, meaning the expense of an addiction builds as substance abuse progresses. In order for someone to keep up with their desires for drugs and alcohol, the costs of those habits rise over time, taking a greater toll on the person’s overall health and wellness—including their economic and social well-being. Along with paying for the substances, these are some of the potential costs an addiction can incur.


Substance abuse can extend lasting damage in many aspects of an individual’s life. Learn more about how addiction affects the body, overcoming the fear of treatment, and ways to afford treatment.