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Helping someone in isolation

Helping Someone in Isolation

When we work with people in addiction treatment, we talk through the hurt, disappointment, and brokenness in an addict’s relationships. Whether problems were occurring with family members, peers, or colleagues, part of our process is to identify how someone’s relationships affected their addiction and how others were impacted by their addiction. One of the trends […]

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Substance abuse and the developing brain

How Substance Abuse Hurts the Developing Brain

As a parent or guardian, seeing your child experiment with alcohol or drugs may seem like a regular part of adolescence—even though the consequences can be devastating. However, early partying and substance abuse may not be as normal or harmless as perceived. While teen drug abuse is still a leading public health concern, Columbia University […]

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Emotions in recovery

Managing Emotions in Recovery

Addiction treatment uncovers layers of experiences that influenced one’s substance abuse. As an addict works through group and individual counseling sessions, the pivotal moments that characterized their addiction are exposed and unpacked. Some of those events may date back to childhood, including the quality of their relationships with family members or moments when they felt […]

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