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Parenting in Recovery

While parenting can be fulfilling and rewarding, it’s no secret that parenting is a challenging, full-time job. If you have gone through addiction treatment, you probably have a unique perspective on parenting from different experiences in the past, such as healing from traumatic events, repairing family relationships, or understanding a family history of substance abuse. […]

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Reaching Forgiveness on All Sides

Recovery and forgiveness go hand-in-hand. Health research has shown that working through forgiveness in addiction therapy can reduce an addict’s risk of relapsing and increase their sense of gratitude. While we intuitively know that forgiveness can be healthy, that doesn’t dismiss how difficult it can be for two loved ones to forgive each other—especially coming […]

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The Unexpected Costs of Addiction

When people debate whether they should enter addiction treatment, the subject often brings up a conversation about money. While treatment presents certain costs, the tradeoffs of getting help vs. not getting help are almost always miscalculated. The cost of treatment might seem like money you don’t have, but can you really afford to keep using? […]

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