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Building a Sober Community

The thought of maintaining sobriety after leaving a residential treatment center can be daunting at first. Outside of the tools provided by treatment centers, building a sober community is integral in maintaining a life free of substance abuse. It is important to rid yourself of bad influences – people who are still using – and […]

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Watching for Peers Struggling with Addiction

Talking to someone about finding help for their addiction may seem like the last conversation you want to pursue—especially if that person isn’t a close relative or friend. Even though conversations with people close to us are still difficult, approaching the subject as a coworker, classmate, or peer can feel even more invasive and uncomfortable. […]

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Finding Peace in Recovery

The holiday season can bring out mixed emotions. For many of us, this time of year shines an abrupt spotlight on sensitive topics in our personal lives, provoking past, familiar thoughts from ruined holidays, broken families, or messy relationships. Entertaining and entering crowded rooms can already urge feelings of anxiety. Layering on the experience of […]

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