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Relapse Triggers

How to Cope with Relapse Triggers

One of the most helpful tools for staying sober is to recognize and manage the triggers that lead to relapse. Relapse triggers are defined as points of vulnerability that increase the likelihood of engaging in substance-related behavior. Triggers create environments where people are tempted or subjected to go back to using, and those triggers can be […]

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How to Talk with Someone Who Needs Addiction Treatment

Think of someone in your life who might be showing signs of an addiction. Maybe they downplay their substance abuse as social or recreational. Perhaps you have caught them hiding how often they’re using. You notice changes in their behavior, such as increased aggression or irritability. When someone asks them about it, they immediately become defensive […]

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Addiction: How it affects the body

Most people have heard some of the common side effects of using drugs. When we hear the same warnings repeatedly, they can start to lose their shock value or sound less dangerous. But when you examine the human body as a whole, a remarkable number of vital organs – particularly the brain – are severely […]

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