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The Stages of Detox: How the body and mind react during withdrawals

Detoxing is a challenging process on every level: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Detoxification is defined as “a set of interventions aimed at managing acute intoxication and withdrawal.”[1] When someone has become dependent on a substance, removing that substance can send shockwaves through the mind and body. These feelings of withdrawal are intensely battled both physically […]

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Making help affordable: Ways to pay for addiction treatment

When you are considering addiction treatment, cost can feel like a prohibitive factor, preventing you from reaching out for help. Even though your health matters most, anyone with limited resources can understand how paying for treatment can seem intimidating. But treatment centers have trained staff who specialize in building payment options to make your treatment […]

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Navigating Addiction Treatment: Finding the Best Option for You

Once an addict has chosen to look into addiction treatment, trying to find the right program can feel daunting and overwhelming. They may be wrestling with worries about where to go, how long to commit, or how to afford treatment. Too often people delay getting help and slip deeper into their substance abuse, feeling isolated […]

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