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What to Do if Relapse Occurs

What to Do if Relapse Occurs Like most success stories you hear about, the road to get there is bumpy, difficult and sometimes downright difficult. Achieving sobriety is much the same. You’ll undoubtedly trip, fall, and have to pick yourself back up in order to keep moving forward. One of those bumps you might find […]

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When Your Partner Is an Addict

Being in a committed relationship with a person with a substance abuse disorder is an extremely difficult position. Having the conversation about your partner’s addiction may be difficult to start. Your partner may not be ready to hear you, or you may have been enabling him or her so long you’re not sure how to […]

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Breaking the Shame-Addiction Cycle

We often hear guilt and shame used as synonyms. But the truth is, one can serve as a positive source of energy in your life, the other can be an overpowering negative force. Guilt, for the most part, is how you judge yourself on a behavior or event. For example, if you miss a child’s […]

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