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Managing relapse triggers

Managing Triggers as a Loved One

After someone goes through treatment, the challenges of addiction are still evident throughout recovery. Treatment doesn’t erase all desires to use. Instead, treatment equips addicts with tools for coping with their disease, including managing relapse triggers. Since addiction impacts both the addict and loved ones, family members and friends can be just as much a […]

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Transitioning from addiction treatment

Transitioning from Treatment

Completing a residential addiction treatment program can symbolize a new beginning in one’s life. While in treatment, an addict learns about the disease of addiction, begins to communicate more effectively, learns tools to identify triggers, and goes through an intensive experience of working through painful memories, past relationships, mismanaged emotions, and any underlying mental health […]

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Generations of addiction

Generations of Addiction

As we learn more about the causes of addiction, we see trends across generations who pass on substance abuse patterns to their children. Children of alcoholics (COAs) are a widely studied group for their increased risk factors and susceptibility to developing an addiction. While their predisposition to becoming an addict may be higher, the outcome […]

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