How to manage cravings

How to Manage Cravings

Cravings are a normal part of addiction recovery, but the challenge of dealing with those cravings can’t be overstated. Intense cravings can leave us feeling robbed of the ability to concentrate on tasks at hand, triggering that previous obsession and preoccupation with a drug. While you can’t always control everything in your surroundings, you can […]

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Addiction recovery

Make Recovery Part of Your Daily Life

In previous articles, we have discussed the importance of creating a new life in recovery. Setting goals and creating boundaries can help people move forward. But true recovery requires more thought and intention to abstain from drugs and alcohol. Recovery from addiction is a life-long journey, and successful recovery demands a conscious, daily commitment to […]

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Opioid crisis

The Opioid Crisis

Opioid addiction continues to have devastating impact on our society. Efforts to solve the opioid epidemic have evolved into key health initiatives across the United States, including the State of Idaho. Idaho’s Response to the Opioid Crisis (IROC) serves to offer prevention, treatment, and recovery support to Idahoans with an opiate use disorder (OUD). IROC’s […]

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