Addiction Relapse Symptoms Checklist

8157_relapse-symptoms-checklist_blog-thumbnailRecovery from addiction is a life-long journey. All recovering addicts face tough decisions every day. Once someone has completed a treatment program, sometimes it’s easy to overlook signs that predict a relapse. If you’re going through recovery, take a step back to assess how you’re feeling—your energy levels, attitudes, and relationships with others. Whether you are encountering one or multiple symptoms, be aware of the warning signs that can trigger relapse.

We’ve provided a Relapse Symptoms Checklist to highlight situations and emotions that could potentially lead to relapse. Print this PDF and check each symptom as it applies. We have also listed the checklist below:

□ I doubt my ability to stay sober but keep this a secret.

□ I’ve decided I can be abstinent without recovery.

□ I avoid talking about problems or my recovery.

□ I feel depressed or anxious.

□ I can’t relate to people in my recovery program.

□ I am easily angered or irritated.

□ I am blaming others for my problems or the past.

□ I live with people who drink or use other drugs.

□ I medicate with tranquilizers, alcohol, or other drugs.

□ I resent the people closest to me.

□ I am apathetic; I don’t care what happens.

□ I think about drinking and drugging, or experience cravings, but don’t share this in my recovery circles.

□ I am experiencing a great deal of self-pity.

□ I am consciously lying to others.

□ I believe I could drink or drug again and control it this time.

□ I think about seeing a doctor to get a prescription for mood-altering drugs.

□ I don’t believe I’ll ever have fun sober.

□ I don’t take positive action to improve my circumstances.

□ I skip meetings and feel resentful if anyone mentions it to me.

□ I haven’t emptied my house of alcohol or other drugs.

□ I don’t talk to my sponsor, and I’m not working the Steps.

□ I act happy, as if everything is great, but I feel miserable.

□ I am thinking I could use a different substance than my drug of choice, and I wouldn’t have a problem.

□ I think I’m more fun to be around when I’m drinking or high.

□ I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to rebuild my life.

□ I feel hopeless.

If you sense that you or a loved one may be on the verge of relapse, please seek out help or reach out to The Walker Center for support. The Walker Center provides resources to help recovering addicts work through their battles, build a strong support system, and move toward a healthy lifestyle.